HISTORIC! Anand Kumar Velkumar wins India's first-ever medal at the Inline Speed Skating World C'ships!

Sports    13-Nov-2021
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Ibagué (Columbia), Nov 13: With India marking new achievement in different sports across globe, the latest feather came from the Inline World Speed Skating Championships where youngster Anand Kumar Velkumar showcased an outstanding form and went on to win a silver medal - the very first one won by an Indian at an Inline Speed Skating World Championship.
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This came after Anand Velkumar clocked a timing of 24.14.845 seconds to take home the coveted silver medal. in the Junior 15km Elimination Final, in the Colombian city of Ibagué. "Such a great news for our sport meaning that it's expanding its borders and developing new opportunities for athletes around the world. Undoubtedly, history has been made! For the first time ever, India wins a medal at a World Championships in speed skating. Velkumar Anandkumar, under a pouring rain, gained the silver medal in the 15k elimination race Junior Men. What an exciting moment!" the website of World Skate stated.
While the event was mostly dominated by the Colombian and Portuguese skaters, Miguel Fonseca and Marco Lira, respectively, Anand Velkumar also stood out with his skills on the rollerskates.
Reflecting on the surreal victory, Velkumar gushed, "I can't express what I feel, (it) is the first medal for India. It was difficult, especially in the rain, there was a lot of shoving and everyone was slipping," the Tamil Nadu lad mentioned. "I was just thinking; we are going to cross the finish line, don't fall, because it was really difficult in the rain," the youngster relayed in a statement from the Colombian Skating Federation.
With this win, India has made its presence felt in the world of Inline Speed Skating as it is no mean task to win a silver medal at this stage of the World Championships. The foray of Indians into roller sports and thereby going on to create history is indeed indicative of a bright future ahead.