Netizens appreciate Harsha Bhogle for calling COVID-19 'Chinese virus' but leftists attack him! Is this tolerance?

Sports    06-Jul-2021
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When others trying to take a safer and diplomatic side to call out for the origin of the country, famous cricket commentator Harsh Bhogle did not hesitate to call it a "Chinese virus". Nonetheless, he was attacked by liberals and tagged as "Sanghi" and what not!
A controversy erupted after famous Bhogle called the coronavirus, the "Chinese Virus". This came after he reacted to the outbreak of COVID-19 within the England cricket team weighing in on the future of the bio-bubble environment. It should be noted the virus was originated from Wuhan, China on which the Chinese Communist Party takes strong objection to the association of the virus with it.
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Without mincing any words and calling a spade as a spade, he tweeted, "It doesn't look like it is going anywhere. The Chinese virus has now infiltrated the England cricket team. The bubbles will get more stringent. I guess there is no other option". Within few minutes, there was a large section of netizens who appreciated this act.
In a sarcastic manner, he further even said, since variants were being commonly labeled as South African, Brazil and Indian, it was only natural to refer to something by its country of origin. He said, "I noticed the use of the South African variant, the Brazil variant, and the Indian variant. I guess it is the norm to refer to something by the country of origin."
On the other hand, this did not go down well with the so-called liberals and started to tag him as "Sanghi". In a tweet, a user said, "Chinese virus. Don'te be Sanghi". Another user said, "This bellend is also one sanghi bhakt huh ffs they all disappoint you". However, many users came forward to defend him. One user said, "I think they have equated "Indian" to "Sanghi"... That's why anybody taking India's stand is being declared Sanghi.

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A large section of neitzens in the comment section credited him for calling a spade a spade and lauded the Indian commentator's stand on the origin of the coronavirus.